Our team

We have been working together as a team on this new project for 2 years. We are happy to finally be able to present you our unique Feinsam drinking bottle. This new challenge is very exciting for each individual for us. 

This is us:


Founder Feinsam & kOmMa5

With kOmMa5 I have turned my hobby into my profession, Feinsam is my new project of the heart. I am very much looking forward to the coming time.

My quirk: I am always looking for my keys.


Note taker

I do pretty much everything that has to do with paperwork, tidiness is half the battle.

Sometimes, though, I'm a little too quick to make decisions.


Master in sales

Most of the time I'm on the road, be it in hotels or at markets. Selling is my passion.

For me, it is the perfect complement to my family and my office job.


I call myself the bottle stroker.

Every bottle is examined by me, checked for faults and then cleaned before it goes on sale.