So-called "cookies" are used on this website, which are small information files that are stored temporarily or permanently on your computer or other device by the server of a website via the browser and simplify, complete or personalize the use of the website.

Cookies can also contain an identification code that tracks and/or records the user's navigation for advertising or statistical purposes.

While navigating on a website, the user could also receive cookies from other websites on his computer or mobile device (so-called “Third party cookies”).

Some functions of the services may not work properly without the use of cookies, as some cookies are technically necessary for the website to function.

There are different types of cookies, classified according to their characteristics and purposes, which are stored on the user's computer or mobile device for different periods of time. “Session-only cookies” are automatically deleted when you close your browser. "Persistent cookies" remain stored on the user's device for a predetermined period of time.

According to Italian legislation, the user's express consent to the use of cookies is not always required.

In particular, “technical cookies” do not require consent. Technical cookies are used for the purpose of transmitting a communication over an electronic communications network and are necessary for the correct functioning of the website or to carry out user actions.

According to the regulation of the Italian Data Protection Agency "General regulation for customization of the simplified modalities for the privacy policy and for obtaining the authorization - May 8th, 2014" the following cookies are considered "technical cookies" and do not require the express consent of the user:

  • "analytical" cookies, when used directly by the website operator and used to collect anonymous statistical information on website use, to monitor its proper functioning and to improve the quality of the services offered;
  • navigation cookies or session cookies (for logging in);
  • Functionality cookies, which are necessary for the functionality of the website (e.g. cookies that save the selected language or the selected products)

On the other hand, the use of “profiling cookies” requires the express consent of the user. These cookies are used to display personalized advertisements that match the user's characteristics and interests as much as possible. 

The following profiling cookies are used on our websites:


Facebook tracking is currently enabled on this site  
Google Analytics tracking is currently enabled on this site  


Types of cookies and how to enable/disable them

The Feinsam website ( uses the following types of cookies and offers users the option to enable or disable these cookies. In the case of third-party cookies, users should refer to the respective third-party websites to enable/disable cookies:

  • Third party cookies are used by the third parties for their own purposes, including profiling. Such third parties are independent data controllers. Therefore, the user should contact the third parties both to obtain the privacy policy and more information regarding the processing of their data, as well as to enable/disable the relevant cookies. With regard to Google Analytics cookies, we have implemented means and processes to reduce the identification power of these cookies through IP masking. In addition, these cookies are implemented in such a way that the provider (Google) uses them exclusively for the performance of its own services, stores them separately and does not enrich them with other information that they have.

Pursuant to the regulation of the Italian Data Protection Agency "General regulation for customization of simplified modalities for data protection policies and for obtaining authorization - May 8th, 2014", third parties that use cookies on kOmMa5 websites are listed as follows:





Changing the settings of cookies using your own browser

The user can choose which cookies to accept, authorize, delete or block using the functions of their browser. If all or some cookies are disabled, the website may not be displayed correctly, certain website functionalities may not be available, or the user may have to enter the same data more than once.

More information about how to set cookies using your browser is available on the following pages:


Settings regarding the cookies present on this website

Disabling third party cookies will not affect the proper functionality of this website; However, you can only activate/deactivate such cookies on the website of the respective third party through the relevant consent forms or by setting your own browser. To do this, please use the above-mentioned hyperlinks to the websites of the third parties. Please note that your cookie preferences must be reset for each device or browser you use.